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Over 150 job boards available at your fingertips.

In a single click, post your job to Seek, your own careers site and 100s of paid and free job-boards.

Track your candidates with ease

SMS or email candidates and stakeholders - create short lists and talent pools - move candidates through your own custom recruitment process.

Fast and customisable... intelligent custom fields so you can make it your own MyRecruitment Software :)

Access your database from anywhere

With our cloud-based system you can tap into your candidate database anytime, anywhere.

Access your jobs, ads, applications and candidates from anywhere - Your entire Recruitment software is 100% online, CLOUD-based and works on any browser.

Own a beautiful careers site

Whether it's a simple Careers page or a muliti-page Careers site.

It's always Beautiful & experience-optimised from all devices... mobiles, tablets and desktops

Beautiful front end to a fast and agile Recruitment Software.

Social Recruiting

Our Recruitment software is online and so are social media sites... so why not expose your ads for free to the millions out there and take advantage of the referral nature of social media... free brand exposure and free applications!

Post your jobs to Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn in a single click.

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